IGNOU BCOM Solved Assignments 2018-19

IGNOU B.COM Solved Assignment For 2018-2019 Session


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IGNOU BCOM Solved Assignments 2018-19 (English Medium)


Code Course Title Link
ECO-01 Business Organisation Download
ECO-02 Accountancy-I Download
ECO-03 Management Theory Download
ECO-05 Mercantile Law Download
ECO-06 Economic Theory Download
ECO-07 Elements of Statistics Download
ECO-08/BCOE-108 Company Law Download
ECO-09 Money, Banking, and Financial Institutions Download
ECO-10 Elements of Costing Download
ECO-11 Element of Income Tax Download
ECO-12 Elements of Auditing Download
ECO-13 Business Environment Download
ECO-14 Accountancy-II Download
AED-01 Export Procedures and Documentation Download
AMK-01 Marketing Download
AOM-01 Office Organisation and Management Download
ASP-01 Secretarial Practice Download
PCO-01 Preparatory Course in Commerce Download
BCOA-001 Business Communication and Entrepreneurship Download

IGNOU BCOM Solved Assignments 2018-19 (Hindi Medium)


Code Course Title Link
ECO-01 व्यावसायिक संगठन (Business Organisation) Download
ECO-02 लेखाविधि -1 (Accountancy-I) Download
ECO-03 प्रबंध सिद्धान्त (Management Theory) Download
ECO-05 व्यापारिक सनियम (Mercantile Law) Download
ECO-06 आर्थिक सिद्धांत (Economic Theory) Download
ECO-07 सांखियकी के तत्व (Elements of Statistics) Download
ECO-08/BCOE-108 कम्पनी विधि (Company Law) Download
ECO-09 मुद्रा, बैंकिंग और वित्तीय संस्थाएँ (Money, Banking and Financial Institutions) Download
ECO-10 लागत लेखा के मूल तत्व (Elements of Costing) Download
ECO-11 आयकर के मूल तत्व (Element of Income Tax) Download
ECO-12 अंकेक्षण के मूल तत्व (Elements of Auditing) Download
ECO-13 व्यावसायिक पर्यावरण (Business Environment) Download
ECO-14 लेखाविधि-II (Accountancy-II) Download
AED-01 निर्यात प्रक्रिया और प्रलेखीकरण (Export Procedures and Documentation) Download
AMK-01 विपणन (Marketing) Download
AOM-01 कार्यालय व्यवस्था और प्रबंध (Office Organisation and Management) Download
ASP-01 सचिवीय कार्य पद्धति (Secretarial Practice) Download
PCO-01 वाणिज्य में प्रारम्भिक पाठ्यकम (Preparatory Course in Commerce) Download